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Do the Work by Gary John Bishop

Do the Work by Gary John Bishop
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Descirption: HarperOne Trade Paperback Original
Based on the life-changing lessons from the New York Times bestseller that has sold more than a million copies, a practical, hands-on guide that helps you do the work you need to change your life.
In Unfu*k Yourself, Gary John Bishop inspired people to put his words into action to help them transform their fu*king lives. While millions of fans have read and embraced the messages in the book , Bishop kno it can be hard to actually take the next step and do the necessary work. Written in his no nonsense, tough-love voice, Do the Work is the kick in the ass you need to get moving and create the life you want. By drilling down into the three categories of self, people, and purpose, he helps us identify and remedy the primary problems and challenges that frustrate and often cripple us.

Filled with new material, Do the Work expands the lessons in Unfu*k Yourself, giving us the tools to identify, explore, and…

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